Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: A Real Pain!

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a real pain -- literally. This common problem affects the median nerve, which is the main nerve in the hand area. If the median nerve gets swollen or compressed, the pain can start quite quickly.

Man with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome needs chiropractic care.

The main reason that the median nerve is damaged tends to be certain types of motions -- usually, repetitive motions. People who work in areas like assembly or in jobs where they do regular manual labor may be susceptible to carpal tunnel syndrome. It's also common for our chiropractor in Kennesaw to see carpal tunnel syndrome patients who work on computers daily -- the repetitive wrist positions and movements can cause swelling and compression quite easily.

The Symptoms and the Solution from Our Chiropractor in Kennesaw

Carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms seen at our chiropractor in Kennesaw can include not only pain (usually of the shooting variety) but also tingling numbness or severe weakness. Typically the wrist and all of the fingers except the pinky are affected. The pain of carpal tunnel can be sporadic, but for some patients, it may be nearly constant. 

Dr. Gruber and Dr. Ferrari design customized care plans based on your specific carpal tunnel syndrome pain. The treatments may include gentle adjustments to both the spine and to the specific area where the median nerve is located. Other types of therapy like moist heat, cold packs, and ultrasound therapy can also be helpful in healing. 

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